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3.13 - Summary for the frequencies

The Sferics are proved physically as electromagnetic waves.

The sferic basic frequency is the 5th octave of the 10th harmonic of the earth frequency. The Sferic basic frequency is the 4th octave of the 32th harmonic of the Schumann frequency at the same time.

The sferic frequencies are included in the spectrum of the earth fre-quencies.

The Schumann frequency is proved physically as an electromag-netic wave.

The Schumann frequency is two-thirds the rate of earth frequency - the Earth frequency is the fifth of the Schumann frequency.

The Schumann frequency is included in the spectrum of the earth frequencies.


There is a connection between electromagnetic oscillations and the earth oscillation structure


Here arises the question: is there a connection of the earth's magnetic field or electric field with the earth oscillations structure?
To do this, the earth's magnetic field must be considered, which will be done in the next part.

Additional information can be found in the book "Grid Structures of the Earth's Magnetic Field" Chapter 15, Magnetic Layers and Frequencies 1, pages 129-136.

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