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1.0 - Theoretical approach

The question which raises here is: What is to be understood by a planetary sys-tem? In addition the concept must be examined such closer.

Planetary means a global earth phenomenon. And the concept system implies that a certain order exists.

Planetary systems are so global or earth-enforcement structures.

Two systems are recognised in the following picture: the earth's surface even with her lying underneath geologic bowls and the atmosphere with her stratifications.

The Earth

Illustration 1.0.1 - the earth


Definition 1.0.1:

Earth System All energy and matter that is present in the area of planet Earth and its neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood of the planet Earth can be explained by a spherical space with a radius of 2 or 3 Earth radii. Here, the concept of neighbourhood is remi-niscent of the definition from the topology.

Definition 1.0.2:

Planetary System A global elementary subsystem of the earth system with a geometrical structuralisation.

The geometrical structure would have to be defined even closer. This happens in the following chapters.

Definition 1.0.3:

Structures that are considered as planetary systems:

1) Geologic bowls

2) Atmospheric layers

3) Earth magnetic field

4) Electric field of the earth

5) Polyhedron models of the earth

In the following we will have a look at the listed systems.

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