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3.0 - Frequencies of the earth

According to Chapter 2.4 the fundamental frequency of an oscillation structure is:

general fundamental frequency


The fundamental frequency (n = 1) for an oscillation structure is:

fundamental frequency


The following values were used for the variable R, c

c = 299792458 m/s as speed of light

The WGS84 is a global geodetic reference system, that determine the basis of positions on the ground, and in the near earth space. The WGS84 delivers two earth radii:

Polar radius: 6356752 m
Equator radius: 6378137 m

There are two radii, thus also two frequencies:


n Polar radius Equator radius
1 11.7903 Hz 11.7508 Hz
2 16.6740 Hz 16.6181 Hz
3 23.5806 Hz 23.5016 Hz


3.0.1 - Theorem: The basic frequency of the Earth is about 11.7 Hz

o = 11.7511.79 Hz

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