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3.2 - Basic hull

The corrected basic frequency allows a back calculation for the earth's radius. Rearranging the equation for the basic frequency is:


basic frequency =========> Earth radius


The following values were used for the variable c, fo

fo = 11.7921591 Hz = Earth basic frequency
c = 299792458 m/s as speed of light

The radius is:


3.2.1 - Definition: R = 6355758.426 m = L0 = Basic hull


The comparison with the geodetic reference system WGS84 shows:
Polar radius: 6356752 m
Equator radius: 6378137 m


The basic envelope on which the zero lines and extrema (source points) lie is located at a radius between one and twenty kilometers below the earth's surface.

Due to the stationary state of the oscillation structure, in addition to maximum and minimum fronts, zero fronts also arise, which form spherically around the source points at regular intervals. Since the basic envelope radius is smaller than the earth's surface, there are no lines on the surface, but stripes. The following Figure 3.2.1 illustrates the resulting formation of stripes on the earth's surface.

The stripes form areas of reduced intensity, i.e. not actual zero zones.


Illustration 3.2.1 banding of the grid lines

The consequence is that some of the stripes, viewed globally, are not constant in their width. The stripes, which essentially form the "meridians" of the vibration system, have their greatest width at the "equator" and become increasingly narrower towards the "poles". Only the strips that form the "circles of latitude" of the oscillation system have a constant width.

See also "Grid structures of the earth's magnetic field", Chapter 11.2, The banding of the grid lines, pages 83-85.

The basic shell can be used to define the oscillation structure for the earth:


3.2.2 - Definition: Earth oscillation structure
= Sum of all possible spatial grids

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