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3.4 - Analysis procedure

The concentric layers are not evenly distributed, but accumulate in some areas. For better optical evaluation is used, except the direct comparison, still the mean layer method. The aim of this procedure is to determine the areas with oscillation accumulations and to get thus the maxima of the oscillation structure.

An example for the atmospheric layers:

From the table of the earth layers all values are searched out for n < 21 which lie beyond the earth, up to a height of 700 km.

On 636 Km one receive 92 values ==> 6,9 Km per value =

This mean value represents the mean rate of distribution of created layers by the oscillation structure.
Schichten As shown in the left figure, in some areas are concentrations in the distribution of layers and in other areas are dilutions.

Accumulation = the distance between the layers is less than the mean value

Dilution = the distance between of the layers is greater than the mean value

The layers in which there is a thinning are omitted because only the vibration maxima are of interest here.
In order to obtain an even greater concentration of the maximum areas, the areas that form clusters are each
combined into an average layer..

3.4.1 - Theorem: The mean layers show clusters of oscillation layers.

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