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5.4 - A vibration structure

I) According to chapter 4.5 sentence the following applies:
Magnetic field of the earth's surface = a two-dimensional vibration structure

II) According to chapter 3.5 sentence 3.5.3:
Layer structure of the earth <==> earth's vibration structure

III) According to Chapter 5.2, the formation of the geological layer structure can be explained by a magnetic oscillation structure.

IV) According to Chapter 3.7, sentence 3.7.7 applies:
Layers of the atmosphere <==> Earth's vibration structure

V) According to Chapter 5.3, the creation of the earth's electric field can be explained by a magnetic oscillation structure.


Consequence: Earth's magnetic oscillation structure <==> Earth's oscillation structure


5.4.1 - Theorem: The earth with its internal structure and atmosphere, its magnetic field and its electric field can be represented by a single earth vibration structure.


The earth's magnetic field plays a key role overall because it represents the medium through which the vibration structure in the earth system manifests itself materially and energetically.

Since the (magnetic) vibration structure plays a significant role in the physical implementation, the underlying model and the Fourier analysis are based on vibrations and the physical events considered so far agree with the theoretical model, the core hypothesis for the physical implementation of what is shown here can be determined Formulate the model as follows:


5.4.2 - Theorem: Standing geomagnetic waves have physical reality.


A measurement method is given in this book to prove the existence or non-existence of these waves. This then represents the Experimentum Crucis of this core hypothesis 5.4.2.

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