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7.6 - Determination of a new (calculated) numbering

There is the possibility of getting an even better adjustment for the numbering values. Based on the linearization, an exact numbering can be calculated. The following applies:


Rearranging the equation according to x gives


7.6.1 - Equation: Converting the equation to x


The following applies:

b = ln w0
a = Δ y/Δ x
Δ y = ln w
n – ln w0
Δ x = n

Inserting all terms gives:


7.6.2 - Equation: new numbers


With the new numbers you get a logarithm-based number sequence that corresponds to the initial values. This new numbering then reflects the harmonic structure of the arrangement under investigation and can be viewed as a new scaling.

If you replace ln by log and e by 10 in all equations, the entire consideration and function determination also applies to base 10.

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