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2.10 - Global net grids

With the definitions to the spatial grid and the oscillation structure you can introduce the notion of the global net grids. Generally, it can be defined as follows:

2.10.1 - Definition: Global net grid = Sum of spatial grids

The participating spatial grids form usually harmonical relations. This works for all rational numbers or numbers with fractional representation.
The term harmony derives from the music and thinks the harmonious consonance of tones.

If an arbitrarily fundamental tone is chosen and is applied as 1, the third with 5:4 and the fifth with 3:2 results. All three tones then compose the sound combination known as the triad. Thus represent the numbers 1 and 5/4 and 3/2 as harmonical conditions.

2.10.2 - Theorem: Spatial oscillation structure = Sum of global net grids

If grid by harmonical relationships stand with each other in relationship, there exist general reduction factors. Geometrically seen arise it from overlapping the grid walls or grid lines. It means that some grid walls and grid lines fall at least together.

Overlapping grids then belongs to the nature of the system.

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