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2.5.1 - Stratification

The superposition of elementary waves follows the same rules as described in section 2.2. - Definition: Pole forming
  Plus poles are formed by the superposition of the positive elementary waves.

Minus poles are formed by the superposition of the negative elementary waves.

Zero poles are formed by the superposition of positive and negative elementary waves. - Definition: Layer formation
  By the superposition of elementary waves, poles are formed (+,-, 0) on concentric spherical layers in the following Layers = L called. - Definition: Wall forming
  Zero poles arise between these layers, which also lie on concentric spherical layers and are called in the following zero walls.


By the interference of different waves, raises oscillation maxima and minima or oscillation layers (See illustration 2.5.1) that envelope the earth spherically.

The layers on which the poles are can be calculated. The following derivation use a geometric approach to calculate the distance of a layer to the earth center.

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