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2.7 - Stratification structure

One standing wave on a sphere produces a rotation-symmetric spatial structure:


rotational symmetry

rotational symmetry

Illustration 2.7.1 Rotationssymmetrie

2.7.1 - Theorem: The poles are circular on concentric spheres.

2.7.2 - Theorem: The zero areas are concentric cones and concentric spheres.

The concentric cones from zero areas have an amazing similarity to configurations from the orbital model. (see 2.11.2)


zero areas

atomic orbital

Illustration 2.7.2 Nullflächen

Illustration 2.7.3 Atomorbital


Together, these oscillation figures have even the property that they are rota-tionally symmetric.

2.7.1 - Definition: tratification structure = radial stratification structure generated by one standing wave

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