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2.8 - Spatial grid

Two standing waves on a sphere create a radial grid-shaped structure:

multiplication of oszillation

Spatial grid


grid cube

Illustration 2.8.1 Spatial grid


2.8.1 - Definition: Spatial grid = radial stratification system generated by two standing waves.

Two viewing opportunities arise:


2.8.2 - Definition:

The zero areas form the walls of a grid-shaped radial oscillation system in the following zero grid called.

The poles are in the center of each wrapping zero cuboid.

zero cube

  Illustration 2.8.2 zero cuboid

2.8.3 - Definition:

The poles also form the walls of a grid-shaped radial oscillation system similar to a molecular lattice (NaCl) in the following pole grid called.

The pole connections behave like rods which swing freely on both ends.

pole grid

  Illustration 2.8.3 pole grid

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