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3.10 - Layers and frequencies

According to chapter 2.6 a frequency can be associated with any layer. The basic oscillation behaves as if the pole diameter of the earth would swing freely at its poles.


 basic oscillation <equation basic oscillation
Illustration 3.10.1 – basic oscillation  


From the table of the earth layers, you can generate such a frequency table. For n = 1 results:

frequency table

For n = 1, k = 2 results:
3.93 Hz = the half Schumann frequency = fS/2

For n = m = 1 yet another easy relation between the basic hull and the other generated layers exist:

Earth layers

This results in the following connection: :

3.10.1 - Equation:
Fifth ===========> Fifth
The earth frequency is one fifth of the Schumann frequency


According to chapter 2.6 applies to the first harmonic:


harmonic Equation harmonic
Illustration 3.10.2 – harmonic  

 frequency table

3.10.2 - Theorem: The Schumann frequency is part of the frequency spectrum of the earth

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