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4.5.2 - Quantitative Fourier-analysis

The quantitative numeric Fourier analysis of the earth's magnetic field (IGRF 1984) yields the following result for the magnetic flux density at the earth's surface: - Equation:

Quantitative Fourier-analysis

The evaluation provides all three kinds of spherical harmonics, so zonal, sectoral and tesseral forms, as well as a static part.

The zonal and sectoral part of the spherical harmonics can be grasped to one grid, called the grid ZS. This behaves then like a tesseral spherical harmonic, so as a grid. Equation: grid ZS = zonal + sectoral

ZS = Bz + BS


Then the entire magnetic field can be represented like this: - Equation: Btotal = Bstatic + BZS + Btesseral


In the equation exist 17 intensity values that lie between one and eleven Mikrotesla liegen. All All other values are in the range of nano-Tesla!!!

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