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4.2 - Measuring stations

The magnetic field of the earth is recorded worldwide by more than 200 measuring stations.

Measuring stations

Illustration 4.2.1 –Measuring stations


For some decades the field will also measure from satellites. The first satellite was Magsat which registered in 1980 during six months the intensity and the whole magnetic field.
Since 1999, the Danish satellite Ørstedt is located on an orbit and since July 2000, the German Champ satellite works.

All accumulated data about the earth's magnetic field are recorded by theIUGG and the IAGA and evaluated. These values are used among others as a basis for creating the models IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field) and WMM (World Magnetic Model).

These models are issued as flashcards for declination, total intensity, largest total changes, horizontal intensity, inclination, intensity of North, East intensity and vertical intensity.


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